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Samantha: Rose and Rainbow PhotographySamantha Davis is a Professional Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer and owner of Rose and Rainbow Photography.  We caught up with Samantha to chat about her love of photography, signature style and photographing a Prime Minister…

Can you tell us about Rose and Rainbow Photography and how you started?

“I started out with photography back in 2013 as a bit of a hobby, I bought a camera and Rose and Rainbow Photography was born! I opened a Facebook page and updated with my progress.  After a while, taking courses and adding to my ever expanding desire for new lenses and kit, friends and family started to ask me to photograph their families and events.  I was terrified but had a go. I learned on the job, I threw myself into it…. I loved it!”

How would you describe your photographic style?

“I found I loved photographing families, seeing the happiness my images brought to people when I showed my work to them. Then I started to follow a Wedding Photographer as a second Photographer, I realised the 14 hour days didn’t seem such a long slog because SHOCK HORROR… I enjoyed it!

Rose and Rainbow Photography - Family PhotographyThere was something so special about capturing real moments. From Bride prep to that first dance. I have been photographing weddings and families now for 3 years and just this past season I have made the jump finally from part time to full time photography!


I love to spend time chatting to my clients, getting a feel for what they hope for from their special day. My clients know that from me they get a relaxed style. A professional photographer who loves the details you might miss in the whirlwind which can be their wedding day. I favour candid shots of guests with a mix of traditional images for groups.

I like to blend into the background (despite my signature pink hair and tattoos) I like the couple to feel happy that I know exactly what is important to them on their big day… and let me take the pressure off. I have a head full of ideas for every venue, I like to read my clients to see if more romantic or fun and cheeky images are more suited to them.


What’s been your most memorable shoot/career highlight so far?

Career highlight would be when I photographed the Prime Minister (at the time) David Cameron on his visit to The Drum in Birmingham…. but really and truly I don’t think anything beats handing over a collection of images to hear the thanks and seeing I delivered what my clients wanted!

If you could photograph any one thing or person, what or who would it be?

I think my dream person/people to photograph would be The Queen and the whole Royal family as I am a real royalist… and after photographing the Prime minster there is only one way and that’s up!

Rose and Rainbow Photography - Wedding Photography


Rose and Rainbow Photography - Wedding Photography

And finally, what’s the best thing about being a Photographer?

I love my career, so far…what little I’ve had of it as I am still relatively new to the industry. I like to meet up with other professionals, other photographers and I enjoy sharing images with groups such as The Guild of Photographers…

Hopefully in time my name and style will be sought after by more and more clients, everyday is different and that’s why I love what I am doing.

Every job is different, every wedding or event,unique and event client an individual”.

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